Venue: Jubilee 144

09.15-9.45 Registration
9.45-11.00 Welcome

KeynoteJohn N. Duvall (Purdue University): DeLillo’s Apostasy: Where has the Humor and the History Gone?

11.00.-11.10 Break
11.10-13.00 Panel 1: Approaches to Terror
Chair: David Rush (University of Essex)

Karim Daanoune (University Paris): The Terrorism of Counter-Terrorism in DeLillo’s Point Omega

Anthony Leaker (University of Brighton): The most photographed site in America: Reading White Noise as DeLillo’s 9/11 novel

Ronan McKinney (University of Sussex): Staging the counter-narrative in Falling Man

Kirsty Hemsworth (University of Sheffield): Cognitive maps: Negotiating identity in Falling Man and L’homme qui tombe

13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.30 Panel 2: The Influence of the Everyday
Chair: Katie Da Cunha Lewin (University of Sussex)

Stephanie Lambert (University of York): ‘Sex, weather and food’: Don DeLillo and the Politics of the Everyday

Maria Lauret (University of Sussex): DeLillo’s Italian American

Kiron Ward (University of Sussex): Aesthetics of Expansion in Infinite Jest and Underworld

15.30-15.40 Break
15.40-17.10 Panel 3: DeLillo’s Visual Aesthetics
Chair: Peter Boxall (University of Sussex)

Thomas Travers (Birkbeck College): DeLillo’s Sixties: Surplus Population and the Aestheticisation of Revolution

Jonathan Gibbs (Independent Scholar): ‘Reverse ekphrasis’ in Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist

Rebecca Harding (University of Sussex)Underworld and the Underreal: Narrative, Film and the Recovery of the Real

17.10-17.20 Break
17.20-18.30 Plenary
Peter Boxall, John N. Duvall, David Rush, and Pam Thurschwell.
18.30-19.30 Wine Reception

Entry can be purchased here.


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